Materialistic is a private website, We'll do our best to keep your details secure, but we're not responsible for your data security. We don't keep plain text versions of your passwords, they're hashed using industry standard mechanisms, but if someone manages to get into our database I can't guarrentee they won't apply more computing power to cracking them than we're willing to devote to keeping them.

We do keep details of the crowdfunding pledges you add to this site, but do not have access to any payment or personal information. We don't want access to any payment or personal information, the most we need from you is a name, an email and a password.

We will never ask you for your password

Your individiual data will not ever be sold nor given to any other company, organisation or person deliberately; save as an aquisition of the site as a whole. Aggregate data about the habits of our users will be used to help us improve the site, and aggregate statistics may be displayed. Personally identifiable data will not be.


Do not use the same password here as you use on other sites.

Do attempt to access the data of other users.

Do not be a dick. Specifically on this site, because this terms and conditions document is not a lifestyle guide.


This site uses publically available data on crowdfunding campaigns, using the APIs of their sites where these are made available to us. If you work for a crowdfunding site and wish to discuss our access policy, please contact us.


Use of the site is at your own risk, and no warranty is provided for features of this site.

Updates of this document

This document may be updated, use of the site assumes acceptance of it. Reasonable notice will be given to current users of the site of any changes to this document, and changes will be highlighted.

Revised 2013-11-17 by Nicholas, First Version